We make miscellaneous boxes from different materials. Constructions, that are mainly used by heavy machinery industries, can be used for other purposes aswell. In example: for transpording goods or packing final products. We have 20 years of experience in packaging which allows us to offer different solutions according to our customer needs.

Please specify inside and/or outside measures and weight of load, when ordering.

Technologies, we mostly use:

EasyUp Std

Used mainly for heavier goods. Bottom is fullboard pallet, sides are reinforced with wooden frame.

EasyUp Loop

EasyUp Loop

Advantages of this box are simple assemblying and economical storing. Sides are connected with special clamps which make this box good for reusing.

EasyUp Clip

Technology is based on two previous boxes. We connected the strength of EasyUp Std wooden frame and easy way of assembly of EasyUp Loop. In addition, on the pallet, there are metal corners and edges to easily fixate the sides.



Estbox is a ‘collar’ made from birch plywood and galvanized steel. This simple technology allows it to be stored economically.



We can also print on packages.
Max height of a logo, text, etc, is 100mm.
Print is monochrome – black.


Sample print


There are several other opportunities that are not listed here.

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